Business description

Founded in 1987, Alpha test is the Italian leader in the preparation services for universities admission tests (over 70% of market share) and it is the main fully integrated player in the education sector. The educational offering includes courses and books for student’s preparation to faculties with a limited entry number, especially for sanitary careers such as Medicine, Odontology and Veterinary and other test preparation services in the professional and academic fields including public contests, enrolment and qualification tests to professional bodies and registers, military contests and drive licenses. Moreover, Alpha Test developed, the first adaptive platform for online preparation to universities admission tests and the Alpha Test Orientation Centre (COAT), which provides orientation services to support students in the post-graduate career choices and admission preparation tests directly held at school. The Alpha Test’s books and services quality and reliability along with the high success rate (84% of admitted students to Medicine faculty prepared with Alpha Test, source: Doxa Survey) allowed the company to achieve a competitive advantage with respect to competitors within its business sector.


Value creation

Aksìa Group acquired Alpha Test to support the further commercial development of its business in terms of consolidation in both the reference sector and adjacent sectors, directly or through acquisitions, aiming at the optimization and extension of the current products and services portfolio offered to final customers.

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