Business description

Covisian is the number two Italian player in contact centers and the BPO industry, created by the union of Visiant Contact and Contacta to bring together complementary competencies: commercial synergies and manufacturing efficiencies. Characterized by a unique business model, based on lean organization to ensure constant monitoring of operational performance and greater efficiency, the new group also has a value-added services portfolio, including new technology to improve outbound customer profiling.


Value creation

Aksìa Contacta Group assisted in the acquisition of Visiant and plans to pursue other opportunities for consolidation in the contact center sector (especially smaller competitors) and in related sectors. The project will increase the efficiency of the various operating units of the new group by adopting an organizational model developed in-house by Contacta, increasing revenues through the combined commercial leverage of both companies, and investing in the development or acquisition of new skills and technologies to improve the value-added services offered to customers while creating new ones (data analytics, semantic analysis, customer profiling, etc.).

Investment date
Revenue class (€M)
Torino - Milano