Business description

Founded in 1974 as a small business providing machinery maintenance services, the company gradually began assembling its own products, focusing progressively on the manufacturing of fully automatic lines.

Today, Emmeci is a world leading manufacturer of electro-mechanical machines to produce cardboard boxes used as external packaging of luxury goods.


Value creation

Aksìa Group guided Emmeci through its international development in the Asian markets and supported the commercial diversification into new markets and applications. It supported investments in R&D and the development of a new line for high-end electronic device packaging that has had a positive impact on the entire product range and set a new quality standard for the market. It streamlined the organizational structure while strengthening the management team with the appointment of a new CEO, a CFO and the creation of a General Manager position.

Investment date
Revenue class (€M)
20-25 (90% esportato)
Employees class
Exit date
Exit type
trade sale to Coesia, Italian multinational machinery firm headquartered in Bologna