Business description

Founded as a manufacturer of camping and recreational equipment, Gimi now produces and markets clothes racks, ironing boards, carts, step stools, and other home accessories. Attention to detail coupled with constant innovation, high value for money, and quality of service have made Gimi a recognized leader in the sector on the European level.


Value creation

Aksìa Group guided Gimi to international development in the Asian markets (India), supported its commercial diversification in new European markets and assisted in the launch of new products. It reworked the organizational makeup, strengthening the governing team from top to middle management, and implemented best practices in systems and business processes. It redesigned the approach to foreign markets by leveraging quality service and excellence in logistics. Aksìa Group also completed the acquisition of Framar, a competitor, which made it possible to double Gimi’s market share in the product category of ironing boards, round out the assortment, and optimize customer service.

Environmental metrics
Investment date
Revenue class (€M)
50-100 (60% esportato)
Employees class
Exit date
Exit type
trade sale to Freudenberg, diversified multinational group owner of the Vileda brand