Business description

Gommatex Spalmati is one of the leading players active in B2B production of high-quality fabrics for the main High-End Luxury brands since 1960 with a specific focus on sustainability. The company is specialized in the production of coagulated, coated and jacquard starting from raw polyurethane-based fabrics. The fabrics find their main applications in leather goods, shoes, and apparel markets. The company is recognized in the High-End Luxury market for his high-quality standard, proven innovation capabilities and a strong focus on sustainability (Akkadueo®).

Value Creation 

Aksìa Group (through Aksìa Capital V) acquired Gommatex Spalmati from the founders to support a new expansion plan. The plan designed includes the strengthening of the sales network and the creative department, which is functional in launching capsule collections to reach new targets and markets. The project also includes a growth strategy by external lines that envisages the acquisition of companies in the supply chain, both Italian and international, with the aim of creating synergies to complete the products and services range offered by Gommatex.

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