Business description

Operating initially as a parts subcontractor for the sporting goods industry, Novation has gradually expanded its expertise in materials machining from plastic to special alloys and composites. The specific know-how has gradually been applied to new sectors and applications, partly owned brands and direct distribution (TCX, Jolly, Cosmas), partly B2B: items for bikers and leisure, special footwear for heavy-duty applications, other components in composite materials for the automotive and premium eyewear products and sporting goods sectors.



Value creation

Aksìa Group joined Novation in the transformation from sub-contractor of sports components (soccer, cycling, hockey) having essentially one client (Nike Group) into a diversified group which works with a range of brands. Aksìa Group helped rework its distribution structure. Companies acquired over the years include TCX (formerly Oxtar, footwear for motorcyclists), Kayland (trekking), Jolly Scarpe and Cosmas (special footwear for safety at work and special forces). Business was diversified into composites with the entry into important and promising markets and the acquisition of major customers (automotive and eyewear) through constant investments in R&D. The supply chain and procurement process were radically changed, partially by the establishment of production units in countries with lower labor costs but good quality (Romania and Hungary). The organizational structure and top management were also reworked.

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Divestment date
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