Business description

Primo is a leading Italian Group actives in the Dental Clinics and Polyclinics market, created by the union of Primo Group and Oasi Medica to bring together a wide range of services, a greater territorial presence and complementary competences, along with several synergies. The Group is characterized by high quality standards, clear high-end positioning among the Italian dental chains, high street locations and operational efficiency based on internal laboratory and technology integration. As of December 2019, the Group has more than 90 clinics.



CareDent is a network of dental clinics founded in Spain in 2004 and then developed the brand internationally through the franchising channel. The Company entered the Italian market in 2009 and currently is the third largest player with 65 clinics (both DOS and franchising). Given its flexible business model, the Company can leverage franchising channel when local partners ensure the selection of the best location thanks to a deeper knowledge of the area. Typical CareDent locations are mid to high performance malls and cities with at least 20,000 inhabitants, limited or no competition from other chains and per-capita dental expenditure above national average.


Value creation

Aksìa Group, through the merger of Primo Group, Oasi Medica and CareDent, has created the second player (more than 150 clinics) in the Italian dental clinics market and the first Italian Group to start a brand extension towards polyclinics. Moreover, the combination will: (i) extend the brand throughout Italy, (ii) create a best-in-class management team, (iii) improve processes with direct impact on performances and long-term sustainability and (iv) generate strong synergies both in terms of central costs (i.e. headquarters and team optimization) and in terms of marginality thanks to the economies of scale on Labs and suppliers.

Investment date
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